joe miller, poetry and performance

In addition to being a nationally recognized graphic designer, Joe is a locally recognized poet and spoken word performer. Often startling and provocative, Joe's poems and performances range from delightfully abrasive to violently sentimental.

multimedia stage performances
• boring slide lecture, Works/San José, May 1996
• untitled, Works/San José, November 1997
• joe will play some songs for you, Works/San José, October 1999
• wheredeathisfoodandshelter, Waves, San José, April 2001
• burning the book of james, Works/San José, October 2001
• shadows left uncast, What is Now? performance festival, Works/San José, April 2002
• a brief lecture on the use of the flag in american pornography, DaDaFest, SoMa Arts, San Francisco, July 2002
• a series of selected shorts, Works/San José, November 2003
• preparing for condition green, Urban Campfires, MACLA, San José, April 2004
• a performance about war, love, and healthful living, Works/San José, September 2007
sexual semiotics: from branding to patriotism, a presentation at Pecha Kucha as part of 01SJ Festival of Art on the Edge, South First Billiards Club & Lounge, San José, 2008

featured readings of poetry
• 01SJ Festival of Art on the Edge, Laundromat Readings, San José, June 2008
• Agenda, San José
• Ajax Lounge, San José
• Cafe Matisse, San José
• Cafe Rouge, Los Gatos, May 1998
• Camera 3 Cafe, San José
• City Espresso, Campbell, 1994
• City Espresso, San José
• Firehouse Readings, Poetry Center San José
• Keane’s 3300 Club, San Francisco
• M Coffee, Half Moon Bay
• Montserrat Review readings, San José Museum of Art, 2001
• Montserrat Review readings, Divine Science Community Center, San José, April 2003
• Phoenix Jazz Club, San José
• Polk Street Beans Cafe, San Francisco
• Waves, Los Gatos
• Waves, San José

published poetry
• The Montserrat Review, #5, fall 2001
• Ajax Anthology, two issues, early 1990s
• Cæsura, 25th anniversary issue, 2005

photos: top by Jack Toolin at What Is Now? 2002; center by Gerard Lozano at Works/San José in 2007; bottom by Francis Ladines at Waves.

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